Bavaria i120

€ 16,700.00

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The issues I’ve described up to this point were found by testing against the specification. The tests were run automatically. But as it turns out, quite a few more problems are visible to the eye. The following quirks have been found by various other developers and could affect your meddling with transitions just as much.
At this time, transitioning a background from gradient to gradient is not possible. Transitioning from gradient to solid color is possible — with a big caveat. If a gradient is in play, then the color transition will happen from white to the target color, appearing to quickly flash white at the beginning of the transition. This can be observed in all current browsers.



  • Red Seats
  • Fm stereo
  • Windshield+
  • Phone holder
  • Winter Tires
  • 6.0 Liters
  • 250 Km/h top speed
  • Right handed
  • Superior

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