Sitroen Van Gogh 4

€ 18,000.00

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Ypeplate isn’t the next Bootstrap or Foundation; we’re building a toolkit for Web type that’s meant to be extended and customized. There’s no reason we have to sacrifice customization and modularity in order to achieve beautiful, powerful results.

Typeplate is built with Sass and borrows heavily from Object-Oriented CSS techniques. A key feature is that Typeplate is 100% à la carte: it takes just 3 Kb of CSS to integrate the entire project, but you can cherry-pick only the elements you need and just delete the rest.

There is a plain CSS version of Typeplate available (and actively being improved), but if you want to take advantage of all the heavy lifting, you probably will want to work with Sass: Typeplate generates CSS with lots of variables and functions, letting you concentrate on implementing features, not typing them out. For example, our Typographic Scale loop generates 53 lines of code to create a full double-stranded heading hierarchy from just three variables and some font sizes.



  • 2014 Concept
  • Futuristic Look
  • White Seats
  • 6H battery
  • Solar Charging
  • Glass Roof
  • Silver Color
  • USB stereo
  • Back Seat TV
  • Sorround System
  • 3.0 Litres

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